Sunday, 19 February 2012

Q4 If you could have more teeth, where would you get them?

I was very surprised only six people would get the teeth in their brain to freak out x-ray doctors (is that a thing, x-ray doctors?), I only put the other answers as a formality.

Some really good (and by good I mean horrifying) answers in 'other': 

Other Responses:


in my arse to stop the rapists..

I'd have an extra tooth to replace the one that is shortly to be removed...

In the places where I'm missing teeth so I don't look so meth mouthy!

on my feet

On my elbows so I could munch up any food I drop on the table.

in place of my eye brows

The insides of my elbows so I could chew food with my arms while impersonating a chicken.


Lady parts

replacements at the back

my anus

On my ringpiece. To munch turds into small pieces and so I could simply brush my teeth rather than wipe my arse. Though I would obviously use a different brush to my mouth teeth. Most of the time.

what are teeth

on a necklace

knees, to aid in CQB (close quarters biting)

On my knuckles, to help with chewing.

Where I'm missing the first lot

in my hands for the purposes of stealthily consuming food

around my head like a coronet

Behind me knees, so I could latch onto the sofa more firmly

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