Sunday, 19 February 2012

Q2 Where are you right now?

Five people are currently chained to the floor in subterranean dungeons, I assume not the same dungeon, that would look more like the internet cafs on Tooting Highstreet than the implied sex dungeon I was thinking about.

I should have given the option to state whether this was consensual or not.

Other responses:

in my hiding place at the nursery, cock in hand.

at a gay nudist resort in australia..

House is one storey

There is only one floor level in my abode

In bed

on sofa. underpants. flacid.

apartments have no stairs

On the stairs


I only have one floor.

just chillin mate

It's a flat, so upstairs but downstairs at the same time

28 years old

In a flat

02 deck

don't have stairs

In the bedroom


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